Factors Freight Bills

Factors freight bills, who?  Century Finance. Century Finance, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a southern friendly town in the Northeast part of the state, factors freight bills. Why should a trucker have to wait 30 days or more to be paid? Century Finance factors your freight bills, there is no more waiting. Century Finance will pay you the day that you deliver your freight load. All you have to do is send Century Finance your freight bills and money will go into your account the very same day. We invite you to contact Century Finance at 888-684-7195 to learn how to factor. All your questions about factoring your freight bills with Century Finance will be answered. Century Finance keeps truckers moving forward by factoring their freight bills. Our various factoring programs are used by hundreds of trucking companies across the United States. We know that time is money so we are dedicated to providing our clients with cash fast at Century Finance. There are several reasons why factoring is a valuable financial tool for a trucking company. Freight factoring is based on the quality of your customers’ credit, not your own credit or business history. A key benefit by factoring with Century Finance is that factoring provides a quick boost to your cash flow. We can provide cash on your accounts receivables within a few hours. Century Finance is here to meet all of your factoring needs by tailoring a plan that fits your trucking company. Minimal paperwork and documentation are required to start your freight bill factoring Century Finance takes all the worries and headaches out of your daily stack of account receivables. Please give us a call 888-684-7195 to find out more about Century Finance factoring your freight bills. You can visit our website at www.centuryfinance.com for an overview of our freight bill factoring process or email any questions about the freight bill factoring  to [email protected] . Factor with Century Finance today.