Diesel is at It’s Lowest in Over 5 Years

Diesel at it's low

Century Finance

Diesel is at it’s lowest in over 5 years. Century Finance, a freight bill factoring company , located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, wants their clients to applaud the Diesel rate decline. National average price per gallon fell 3.5 cents week ending Feb. 2nd 2015. These facts come from the Department of Energy’s fuel report which is issued weekly.  Nov. 9, 2009, was the last time we saw  diesel prices this low. January 2015 saw the nation’s average fall nearly 40 cents. Century Finance, who factors your freight bills, is so excited that the trucking industry has gotten this big break on diesel prices. Not only do you get great customers service  from using Century Finance as your factoring company, along with getting your money the same day your load is delivered. Also Century handles all your billing and collecting for you.   By using Century Finance you are now getting the fuel advantage you deserve across the nation to help your trucking business grow. Century Finance wants to hear from you . www,centuryfinance.com / [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] or call 888-684-7195.