Informed Clients

Informed clients are clients of Century Finance .Diesel prices rose 3 cents last week. This info comes from the Department Of Energy. The Department of Energy issues a weekly report about fuel prices. However even with this increase the U. S. average price this year is lower than the same week last year. Let Century Finance your freight factoring bill company help you with this fuel cost. First of all, Century Finance , located in Jonesboro,  Arkansas, can factor your freight bill invoices at a low rate and pay you the same day your load is delivered. Secondly, Century Finance, a leader among Factoring companies can offset higher fuel prices with  fuel cards that will provide you with lower fuel rates.  Century Finance also offers fuel advances when a company that you are hauling for denies you a fuel advance to deliver the load. Your Freight bill factoring company, Century Finance, also has a trailer lease to own program. Make Century Finance your freight bill factoring company today …call 888-684-7195. Century Finance will put more money in your pocket to keep your trucking business running smoothly up and down the highways of America. Be informed contact Century Finance www.centuryfinance,com or email [email protected]