Regulatory Bill / Good News for Owner Operators

Regulatory Bill Is good news for owner operators.

Century Finance updates Clients

Regulatory Bills are good news for owner operators. Century Finance, your freight bill funding factoring company wants all owner operators  to know news  in trucking.  All of Century Finance’s valued clients need to know about a bill that is making its way through Congress. Currently this bill is most recently clearing the U.S. House. If this bill is passed it would strengthen the 1980 Regulatory Flexibility Act. The  Regulatory Flexibility Act requires regulatory agencies like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure that small businesses are not unduly impacted by regulatory burdens. The trucking industry is dominated by small businesses. So the trucking industry is probably the greatest example of why this legislation is needed.  The bill still needs to clear the Senate. Also this bill needs be signed by the President to become law. Sometimes legalization can be good news for truckers. Century Finance located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, will keep their freight bill factoring clients with updated info concerning this bill.  Members of the frieght world should always know what is going on in the Senate concerning the trucking industry. For more trucking updates contact or [email protected] / [email protected]  / [email protected] or call 888-684-7195.