Speed Changes

Speed changes

Speed changes
impacts Truckers.

Speed changes will impact the bottom line of truck drivers, carriers, shippers, consignees and even consumers.Century Finance, located in northeastern Arkansas, wants their freight bill factoring clients to know that speed changes are being considered by lawmakers in 17 states.

The transportation industry is no exception when it comes to government regulations. The Jonesboro, Arkansas based company, Century Finance, agrees with state lawmakers that  speed limit variations create more interaction between cars and trucks. This interaction can lead to an increase in the number of car truck accidents across America. Truckers feel the impact of this regulation as drivers. Controlling the speed of trucks to prevent accidents is a necessity. Speeding laws and regulations of the transportation industry are constantly changing. Truck drivers are more likely to violate the speed limit when speeds are reduced than when speed limits are raised higher. However most motorists whether automobile drivers or truck drivers will continue to drive at the speeds that they feel are reasonable and based on the speeds of other motorists. Century Finance wants all truckers to be able to move their loads safely from coast to coast.

Century Finance your freight factoring company wants to keep all truckers informed www.centuryfinance.com/[email protected]/888-684-7195. Century Finance will make their freight factoring clients aware of updates and changes including speed changes  throughout the trucking industry.