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Children’s Trucking Books

  Children’s  trucking books are on the market for sale. Century Finance, your freight bill factoring company, wants you to know about the availability of children’s trucking books. Keeping our clients informed about anything and everything  to do with the trucking industry is our goal. There are several new children’s books about trucking  available. Reading is […]

Regulatory Bill / Good News for Owner Operators

Regulatory Bills are good news for owner operators. Century Finance, your freight bill funding factoring company wants all owner operators  to know news  in trucking.  All of Century Finance’s valued clients need to know about a bill that is making its way through Congress. Currently this bill is most recently clearing the U.S. House. If this bill is passed it […]

Newer Diesel Engine’s Exhaust is not Linked to Cancer

Newer diesel engine’s exhaust is not linked to cancer. Several national and international agencies study substances in the environment to determine if diesel exhaust can cause cancer. Diesel fuel is used in most large engines, including those used in many trucks. Diesel exhaust exposure from trucks is widespread in the modern world.  According to the 1st comprehensive […]

Break on Tough Inspections

Ohio truckers may be getting a break on tough inspections. Century Finance wants our over the rode carriers from the State of Ohio to know that Ohio’s truck inspections could improve. This is a fact that recent trends are showing for Ohio truckers. Ohio has ranked below the national average on overall inspections. On the other hand […]

Diesel is at It’s Lowest in Over 5 Years

Diesel is at it’s lowest in over 5 years. Century Finance, a freight bill factoring company , located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, wants their clients to applaud the Diesel rate decline. National average price per gallon fell 3.5 cents week ending Feb. 2nd 2015. These facts come from the Department of Energy’s fuel report which is issued […]