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Meet us at The Great American Truck Show

Meet us at the Great American Truck Show (GATS). What is GATS?  GATS is The Great American Truck Show. The Great American Truck show will be in The Lone Star State of Texas. So we are urging  all of Century Finance’s freight factoring clients to attend this great trucking show. GATS will be held at […]

Safety Rules for Truckers

Safety rules for Truckers. Century Finance, your freight factoring Invoice Company, located in Jonesboro Arkansas, is up to date on this issue. These 2016 trucking  rules and trucking regulations will now be more government controlled. These rules are for shippers, truckers, receivers and transportation intermediaries (brokers and freight forwarders. Ninety days is now the reporting […]

Choose Century Finance

Choose Century Finance as your freight invoice factoring company. When you choose Century Finance,  you are choosing a factor that knows the transportation industry and wants to be with you for the long haul! Century Finance is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Being a client of Century Finance ensures you with knowing that as a client […]

Trend Women Truckers

  Trend for the Trucking Industry of today. That trend is Women Truckers! Yes women truckers. What a great new field. A field in which women of the 21st century can excel to their highest truck driving abilities. Women Truckers use their  trucking knowledge and ability every day. Women truckers are not a brand new concept.Women have been involved in […]

Factors Freight Bills

Factors freight bills, who?  Century Finance. Century Finance, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a southern friendly town in the Northeast part of the state, factors freight bills. Why should a trucker have to wait 30 days or more to be paid? Century Finance factors your freight bills, there is no more waiting. Century Finance will pay […]