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Factoring Company Helps Clients’ Tax Blues

Well it’s that time again across the nation when all of America’s Freight Industry has the tax blues . Let Century Finance, located in Jonesboro Arkansas, help you get out of that tax rut.  Century Finance will pay you cash fast on your freight bill invoices. The Jonesboro based company can also help with fuel discounts.  Northeast Arkansas’s […]

Trucking and Freight Factoring

Trucking and Freight Factoring /Century Finance can fund all your Freight  Invoices FAST!!! Century Finance, located in Arkansas, offers a long list of unique features.  Same day factoring is no problem. What ever your transportation company needs to grow it’s freight business, Century Finance has the answer. No start up fee ever needed at Century Finance. […]

Update Trucking Industry Concerns

Update Trucking Industry Concerns that is what Century Finance, one of the leaders among freight invoice factoring companies, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, wants to share info about what is going on in Congress that affects  the trucking industry. Early this year  both chambers of Congress introduced a bill that would allow trucking companies an option to drug […]

Providing a Mission

Providing a mission. That is what Century Finance, located in Arkansas is all about. Our mission is to meet the truckers needs. Century Finance has a great mission. Our mission is to provide all over the road carriers with a flawless factoring plan. Truckers across the United States are turning to Century Finance for all of […]

Speed Changes

Speed changes will impact the bottom line of truck drivers, carriers, shippers, consignees and even consumers.Century Finance, located in northeastern Arkansas, wants their freight bill factoring clients to know that speed changes are being considered by lawmakers in 17 states. The transportation industry is no exception when it comes to government regulations. The Jonesboro, Arkansas based […]