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Parking problem issues are being solved.

Century Finance has a Trucking News Flash

Trucking news flash — Over the road trucking continually faces the issue of the difficulty finding a safe parking spot. This is widespread  in congested areas around the nation. There has always been  parking problems for owner operators. These problems are among one of several factors that take a toil on the job of hauling freight. The National Association of Truck Stop Operators  has urged trucking companies to demand more parking from the private truck stops. Good news may be just over the hill. This good news comes because the Department of Transportation will be doing a  study on parking expected within months. It is  hoped that this study could start more  conversation among legislators.  Also the need of State DOT’s to implement parking growth efforts will be increased. As always Century Finance, your freight load factoring company, wants our valued clients to know what is going on to help benefit the Trucker. Century Finance also wants the nations trucking industry to know these benefits. Your Freight Load Factoring Company, Century Finance, can be counted on to help you stay operating over the road. Owner operators can contact Century Finance at or [email protected],com