Update Trucking Industry Concerns

Update Trucking Industry Concerns that is what Century Finance, one of the leaders among freight invoice factoring companies, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, wants to share info about what is going on in Congress that affects  the trucking industry. Early this year  both chambers of Congress introduced a bill that would allow trucking companies an option to drug test. What is this option?  Drivers would be tested from using hair samples not urine samples . This testing would hopefully satisfy federal drug testing requirements. Century Finance wants to always provide their fright invoice factoring clients  with trucking news. Century Finance cares about the trucking industry and always goes the extra mile to help and keep their valued clients informed on all issues pertaining to trucking across America. Please contact www.centuryfinance.com . If you prefer email [email protected] or call  888-684-7195 to learn more about trucking issues.