Women in Trucking

Women in Trucking are getting a big Salute

Century Finance Salutes Women in Trucking

Women in trucking are getting a big salute from Century Finance. Century Finance, a freight load factoring company, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, is excited about the new trend of Truckers. The Trucking Industry is excited about this fact also. Recent stats show about 200,000 women throughout America have made truck driving their new career.  This career change is a big boost for the economy.   Trucking careers are attracting to more ladies today. A career in trucking is attracting because  it is a flexible job. That is why the ladies of the trucking industry may be pursuing the call of the open road.  The trucking industry offers competitive salaries, therefore more and more females are heading to the road. The next time you are traveling and are passing an eighteen wheeler take a glance out your window and see who is driving that big rig . You may be surprised. Century Finance  Freight Load Factoring gives a thumbs  up to Women Truckers. Contact Century Finance at: www.centuryfinance.com or email [email protected]